Finally the day we have been looking forward has arrived. The U.S. Soccer Federation and Nike unveiled the USA World Cup Jersey for the 2014 tournament in Brazil, just three months before starts this amazing event.

The new home kit will be used by the U.S. Men National Team and the U.S. Women National Team during the season 2014 and 2015. The USMNT start to wear this home kit in a friendly match against Ukraine in Cyprus.

The new home jersey designed by Nike, classic and bold design, is almost entirely white with a thin tonal horizontal stripe.

The shirt is polo-style with a flat knit collar with red trim, the sleeves have the same red trim. The jersey has laser cut holes and also mesh back panel with side vents.

USA World Cup Jersey returns to the regular Crest

The crest returned to the classic United States Soccer Federation crest. Has some changes, the golden ring has gone and now is blue color. The blue color is brighter than was used before. The Nike Swoosh color is the same blue.

USA World Cup Jersey 2014


We could enjoy the Centennial crest for one year, was a nice crest and we can still enjoying in the USA Centennial Jersey.

More details, in the inner we can find a pride label and there is also a detail visible only under UV lights, the message ‘One Nation One Team’.

USA World Cup Kit 2014 – All white design

The USA World Cup kit has the shorts and socks also white. The shorts have a red stripe on the side and vent opening, woven the U.S. Soccer crest and the Nike Swoosh. The socks have cushioning and Achilles ankle protection. The socks also have the Nike Swoosh.

Now we are waiting for the USA World Cup away jersey, sure they will release soon.

The USA World Cup jersey 2014 is already on sale for all supporters and fans who want to purchase it and be ready to support the U.S. Soccer Team in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Take a look our recommended shops and find the best place to buy your jersey here.

What do you think of the new uniform? Please leave comments.

  1. the.ronin says:

    Just got my home kit!!! I wish they kept the DTOM on the backside of the label. I like the UV light easter egg but wish they included something like that for jerseys without lettering.

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